Terms and conditions for footage usage

We offer some resources (photos, footage, etc) to be downloaded for free in order to practice some of the techniques we explain in our tutorials.

You can download it from our YouTube channel, from our Gumroad store or from our website.

These resources can be used for personal purposes only, that is to practice the technique to which the video refers.
Any commercial use is strictly forbidden.
You can't sell, distribute or upload it in any platform, social media, etc, even if the video has been edited, modified or post-processed.
Any abuse will be punished by law.
If you need the commercial version you can download it (if available) from our store.

If a person is present in the video, it is absolutely forbidden to alter his/her image in a way that violates his/her dignity and decorum.
Any modification or editing of the video must not be aimed at ridiculing the subject filmed or insert him/her in inappropriate and illegal contexts.
The video may be edited only for the purposes to which the exercise relates.

Avvio Cron Job